Cannot Access My Computer My Documents Or File Search

By windowsman1980
Sep 19, 2005
  1. Just last night for the first time I have had trouble getting
    into My computer, that is where my c and d and w drives are located.
    Also I can't get into My Documents file, that is where my downloads
    like music are located, and the third one that doesn't respond is
    the findfast file search where you type in a specific file or folder and
    it brings them up. The problem is whenever I click on one of the three
    I get the same damn message that being.

    Explorer has caused an error in BHO.LL
    Explorer will now close.

    If you continue to experience problems
    try restarting your computer.

    Well I ran norton and did a full system scan and ended up with
    7 quaranteen files two of which have that trojan virus, I also
    did repairs to everything along with disk framentation and disk integrity
    scan, everything says okay, but I keep having problems with this
    file. How do I fix it?
  2. Fred

    Fred TS Rookie

    I had a similar problem once before but in my case there was a read error on the hard drive that was causing the problem. Same story- I clicked on my computer and it gave some error about Explorer, and I got the same from search etc. just like you. To fix this one you might have to reinstall windows, but I would back up your files first. You might have to slave your hard drive to another computer to do that or move the files off to a USB drive or something. In my case I didn't have another computer to slave the files to, but I did have an external hard drive and a copy of BART PE. I was able to use the file manager program in BART PE to copy and paste all my files onto an external USB drive. Then I bought a new hard drive (because I knew the one in question had read errors on it) and formatted and installed windows on it. If your problem is just caused by a virus you might get away with doing Windows repair with the XP CD, or you might have to repave it (format and reinstall).
  3. windowsman1980

    windowsman1980 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the info. I was discussing this problem with my dad
    and he said it might be better to upgrade to a new
    computer. Since this one is a 97. It isn't a major crash,
    it's just a minor inconvienience to get to the files. Instead
    of going from the desktop I have to use the run menu. We
    think something came in off the music program. Maybe
    a zip file. That Trojan virus has been showing up alot lately.
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