Cannot connect Laptop to Network

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Dec 12, 2009
  1. I have a netgear router that has four ports available. I have two of the ports being used by desktops hooked directly into it. I have one of my laptops able to connect to it with no problem and then one that won't.

    The laptop I'm having problems with is a Dell Inspiron 1525. I typed in the correct key and key type into the slots. I know this because it's the same I used for my other laptop. The Dell is running Windows Vista Home Premium and the working laptop is running Vista Business.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. tipstir

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    Are you running 802.11 (g or n)
    Did you setup SSID
    WEP 64/128 or WPA or WPA2 AES?
    Then the key phrase: this has to match on the laptop otherwise it won't connect
    Also check to see if the router can see the laptop in it's DHCP client table.
    Set Auto Wireless Channel in the Router to manual channel like 1, 6, 11. Are you using Dual band like 802.11 2.4GHz or 802.11 5.3GHz?
  3. shoot4thrill

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    Thanks for the reply, my answers are posted in the quote.

    Also, I have the router setup so that only laptops with their mac address entered in can connect to the network. I don't consider this to be a variable because the one laptop does work and the other laptop wouldn't connect before I did this.
  4. xtina

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    It seems like you may have been through in your own investigation, but I would always try to hard connect it to your router to eliminate that variable. Remove one of the cables being used for the desktop and plug it into the laptop to see if it works. If it does, then you know it's a wireless issue.
  5. jobeard

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    WPA2 has shown to be 'difficult' when the router is of one vender and the WiFi in the laptop is from another.

    Usually, this can be corrected by updating the router firmware and the WiFi driver to their latest versions.

    If all else fails, fall back to WPA
  6. tipstir

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    Make sure both Vista systems are in Private mode not public mode. Turn on file sharing. Does the desktop Network and Sharing Center see the laptop listed or shows on the mapping table?
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