Cannot download/install drivers/programs, Windows XP, Inspiron 530s

By Tkay
Jul 28, 2010
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  1. I hope this is the right forum for this kind of question, first time on one of these sites.

    I downloaded Starcraft 2 last night and went to bed, then got up this morning to install it. When I double clicked on the install file, nothing happened. I waited and did it again. I rebooted my computer and tried again, nothing. When opening my task manager, I have an installer.exe running, but it seems to freeze as soon as I start the file and does absolutely nothing.

    So I went to Blizzard's tech support and found the corresponding topic, they told me to make sure all my drivers were up to date. I went to Dell's tech support and found the right drivers, then downloaded them. However, I cannot install them because when I start the install, nothing happens. Again, I get an exe file in my task manager but all it does is appear then sit there.

    Has anyone else seen this sort of behavior? If so, how can I go about fixing it?
  2. Route44

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    If you haven't already do a complete uninstall of Starcraft 2. Can you now do your Dell updates?

    Also, when you tried installing the first time did you disable your firewall/antivirus? I found if I don't disable my Online Armor (great firewall by the way) I'll have loading/installing issues. Once I install a game and then renable my firewall then things are fine.

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