Cannot start from safe mode or CD

By chancee
May 10, 2009
  1. :mad:
    I have read and searched online to no avail. No one seems to have the same problem as my computer so any help would be great.
    I have a Dell 4600 with windows XP service pack 3
    At first the problem started with images being garbled or windows piling on top of each other not fully loading. Did a system restore and it seemed to fix the problem for a few days. Then a few days later I tried to start up and it went to the welcome screen and would blink off and on. The next time I tried to log on it would do the windows XP loading screen then go to a black screen after. I was able to start in safe mode. At this point I called Dell to have them help me from there. Now as a result I cannot even start in safe just shows about 4 lines of the same thing.... multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(partition)(1)windows\system32\config\system.... I cannot reinstall windows XP or repair it now just gives an error screenh with error code stop:0x00000000A (0x0A0c0013,0x000000002,0x00000000,0x807D5FF9 and saying I may be having hardware problems with newly installed hardware....which I have not done. I tried removing everything and reseating to see if it was a connection problem..did not work. I tried removing everything and restarting one at a time to deduce if was a hardware problem and it did the same thing every time. I cannot start up from the last good configuration either.
    If there is any help out there for an amature like me it would be greatly appreciated
  2. Undocked Windy

    Undocked Windy TS Rookie

    You could always refer to this guide and reset your BIOS or put your CD-ROM inside your drive and boot into CD/DVD-ROM mode and hopefully be able to use sfc; since I have less than five posts, you'll have to Google them yourself.
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