Cannot stay logged in anymore

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Sep 24, 2009
  1. Earlier today when I booted up my McAfee program told me that several programs were trying access my computer and since I recognized none of them, I said no. Since this was the 2nd time this happened I ran my virus program. Within the 1st 30 files it found 6 and removed 4 of them. To play it safe I disabled my internet access. When done I looked at the files and there were 2 left. I went in and it allowed me to remove one (I think the name was!rootkit

    The last one was!mem and appeared tp be attached to winlogin.exe I couldn't remove it or quarantine it. Decided to re-boot and when the log-in screen came up I logged in and was immediately logged off. I then tried to re-boot in safe mode and used the admin login but still got logged off ASAP. Any idea what to do? I.m on mt laptop now but have a deadline I'm up against for work. All of my files are on a portable hard drive so I'm safe there, but didn't backup email for the past week. (that will teach me).

    I'm running WinXP Pro..Service Pack2 Can anyone give me some ideas?

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  3. sleenie

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    As I indicated, I can't login any longer so the removal instructions don't help. I did read before I posted.

    Also, as l indicated, my files are backed up except for email which I backed up a week ago. Do you back up your emails daily? Don't know anyone who backs up emails daily unless they are on their corporate network.

    Was just asking for help. Sorry
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    I don't back up my emails at all. If I have copy I want to save, I take it out of the email.

    Sorry if I sounded abrupt- we have so many people who start to have problems, then worry about backing up. I guess we all have our order of the things we consider the most important.

    Until the issue is resolved, the connection is probably not going to work. Someone needs to help you clean up the system. I'm sorry that I can't do it now.
  5. sleenie

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    Actually, resolving the issue was exactly what I was trying to do. I've made other arrangements. Thanks
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