Can't backup Client PC(w/3 NICs) to Ghost 8.0 Console Server

By robert_scott74
Mar 14, 2005
  1. I was able to successfully perform a 'remote client installation' of Ghost on 2 PC's, each containing 3 NICs by disabling all but my main network connection and then installing. (NOTE: You also have to be sure you are doing a 'clean' install. If you try and it fails you may have to manually clean all Ghost entries out of the Registry to get it to install) After the install completed I re-enabled the NICs necessary for normal operation. Then, In Ghost Console, right-clicking on the properties showed an error stating 'multiple NICs found ...', I followed some online advice and went into the configuration IP/Netmask settings and hardset the ethernet card template to the one I wanted it to use. Once that was done I was able to complete a clone/backup Task on the first PC successfully. However, on the second system, which happens to be 17 miles away and a little difficult to get to, it's not working. I can trigger the Task to clone, and through a PCAnywhere session to the remote PC I get a prompt saying that an Admin. task is starting to close all windows, so it's talking, but then the Ghost Cast Server session waits for it to complete the reboot and join the session to begin the backup, but it times-out. Any thoughts? The only difference I can think of is that the ethernet cards are different. The one that works is a Realtek, the one that doesn't is an Intel. Does anyone know of any other information on this? Is there a way I can 'log' what is going on? Snoop the network on a given port to see what it's doing? Any troubleshooting tips to gain insight are appreciated.
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