Can't boot XP Professional 2002 after Sys Restore attempt'ng IE hijacker fix

By idontcare
Feb 26, 2005
  1. I'm running XP Professional 2002. I run system restore with a restore date 2 weeks ago which is prior to a problem I had been experiencing with an apparent page hijacker called that Spybot and PCcillan is apparently not stopping. Everytime I tried to log onto my accounts at ebay or any other site asking for a user name and login I would get 2 pop ups called and and the page would be directed to the search screen "about blank", which it also hijacked my home page too. Now after system restore the System appears to go through boot process, windows logo shows applying my personal settings, then screen goes blank, nothing. Same thing if I manually reboot and try to get into safe mode. I Did not back up prior to system restore and I do not have a boot disc readily available although my software is licensed. I had been allowing XP to update automatically and I had been receiving the hot patches. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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