Can't connect to network after transformer blew up

By Pacdizzle
Jun 25, 2010
  1. Okay so i can generally kind of fix these things but i am bit stumped.

    I created a home network the other day and sent some files between the computer. Nothing beyond normal used the Network wizard. Just your basic setup.

    I live in an apartment complex where they have some T1 server setup here for us and the IT guy is not helpful as he is obviously lucky to still have his job b/c he knows about nothing without the help of google.

    The day the comps stopped working we had a transformer blow up and the power go out, all 3 pcs were running at that time. Turned them on later that day and now all the computers will not connect to the internet at all. I can see the network on all 3 adapters but i cannot connect. The IT guy says that the 3 computers arent visible to him at all but my PS3, 360, and my laptop are.

    I ran IP Config and I am coming up with some odd reports. It is on 3 different PC's that I cannot connect on. My laptop connects to the same network and does not have a problem.

    Computer #1

    Computer 2:

    Computer 3:

    I have been looking through this forum and google for 3 days and cant seem to come up with a solution. Any ideas?
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