Can't connect Xbox 360 to PC

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Jun 6, 2009
  1. I have an Xbox 360 and a PC running Windows Vista Home Premium. I am trying to connect my Xbox 360 with my computer so that I can use Windows Media Center in my Xbox 360. When I connect my modem into my computer the internet works fine, when I connect my modem directly into my Xbox 360 Xbox Live works fine; however, when I try connecting my modem into a router then connecting my computer and my Xbox into the router through ethernet I can't get both to connect to the internet at the same time. I tried power cycling (unplugging everything then plugging each one after the other -- modem, router, Xbox 360) but I still can't get them to work simotaniously. I was told that there's probably a configuration issue with the router since I am able to connect to Xbox Live when I connect my modem directly to my Xbox. I was told to contact the manufacturer of the router but unfortunately I am unable to. Should I just buy a new router? Will I be able to connect the two if I used a different router? Is there anything else that I can try before buying a new one? Am I doing something wrong??

    Here's a link to a video of the exact router I have:

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    what model of router is it,

    did you use the install disk, or was one not supplied.

    visit the website of the router and download the manual for setting the router up.

    a router needs configuring with various settings to work it wont work out of the box
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    the model of the router in Dynex.

    the install disk was not supplied.

    really? I didn't know that. well, okay I'll go check out it's website and I'll update you with the results.

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    alright well I downloaded the manual; however, it doesn't say anthing.... it just explains how to turn it on. I've attached a picture of the page from the manual to this message, take a look if you'd like.
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    well theres the problem, you have a switch, or in other words a hub, it is used to link network devices together, however to achieve what you want you need to buy a router.... this device takes your internet signal and splits it so that you can use the xbox and PC.

    You take the feed that comes out ofthe modem you have (the bit the internet comes through) that is the cable that you plug into the PC, this lead goes into the router,( if your on ADSL you have to buy an ADSL router, if your on Broadband you need to buy a broadband router), then you use straight through network cables and plug each item into the router (most routers have 4 sockets on allowing you to connect 4 PC's Xbox etc).

    Before plugging the xbox or PC into the router you need to set it up, most routers come with a disk, or instructions, each model varies on how you set it up.

    Its quite easy and i understand your confusion about it....

    get shopping look for linksys or belkin or netgear

  6. lechevarria89

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    ooh... thanks so much, I bought the switch from ebay, the title said dynex router... I should have looked into it before I decided to buy it... but now I know, thanks again! I appreciate the help :)
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