Overclocking Can't get CPU past 3ghz without bsod after windows loading screen

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I can’t seem to get my cpu past 3 ghz without getting bsod right after the windows loading screen. Is it just my rigs limit or is there any way to get it past 3ghz?

My specs are

motherboard: ga-m57sli-s4 rev.2
cpu: amd athlon 5600+ windsor
ram: becuase wintec is a "registered dealer of aeneon memory" i have 2 1 gb sticks of wintec ampx ddr2 800 and 2 1gb sticks of aeneon ddr2 800 that say wintec ampx on them.
psu: bfg tech LS-550
os: windows vista 64bit home basic oem

The multiplier is at 14 and I cannot get the cpu (or is it really the fsb but my bios says cpu?) past 218 without a crash at the windows loading screen and I have tried changing the cpu voltage a little but not the memory voltage. My temperature never gets past 53c with the cpu (or is it the fsb?) at 216 during stability tests. I noticed in easy tune it says that my ram has been overclocked as well is that why its been crashing?

Here is a picture of my bios overclocking options.



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You might be able to get to higher speeds by pushing the CPU voltage, but that would make it run hotter. Core temperature scales in a linear fashion as core speed in MHz is increased, but core temperature scales geometrically when voltage is increased. In addition to higher temps, voltage increases reduce the life of the CPU. So basically I'm saying bump the voltage (at your own risk).

Make sure you're not FSB or memory limited by putting the CPU multiplier as high as it goes and the memory at the lowest possible speed. Put memory voltage to ~2.1v. I don't remember much about overclocking AMDs besides that basic kind of stuff.

According to The Overclocking World Record Database, the world record for Athlon 64 X2 5600+ Windsor core is 4151.4 MHz with a 1.68v core voltage. Setting your CPU to this sort of voltage is likely dangerous, but I'm just throwing that out there for you to show that 3 GHz is not the limit of these CPUs. Your particular chip might not clock any higher though so don't get excited ;)

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Thank you channging the ram voltage to 2.05 made the difference! I can now get the cpu to 3.111ghz and the ram at 888mhz with the fsb at 222mhz. [edit]Unfortunately It will only recognize 2 of the 4 gigabytes of memory when its that high so i had to turn it back down to 214. Is this because the memory is not identical or is it just because of my motherboard?
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