Can't Get Into My Computer

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Feb 14, 2009
  1. Alright, so my computer downstairs is all messed up. I was able to get it back to the point where I could use Microsoft Office again and my printer, but it couldn't get on the internet. Then a week later, it won't let me use Microsoft Office again. and when I restarted my computer, it wants me to Login (which I never use) with the Username New User (which I only have Administrator and Family, which I don't even have passwords for), I can't get into my computer whatsoever, even started it in Safe Mode, and the New User thing comes up... i also tried using guest but that doesn't let me in either, anyone know what is wrong??? or how i can get into my computer, i just want to save my Word Documents and then I'm going to do a system restore....I have Windows XP

    I think a Virus created the New User LogIn, i can't even get into my computer in Safe Mode cause the log in pops up which i type in passwords and won't let me in
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    I don't have any passwords, I just click on Administrator or Family icon to get in, now an actually LogOn pop up shows up, wanting me to type in a password.. i'm thinking someone has hacked in, i already have malwarebytes installed. but can't get into my computer in the first place.
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    I know the password, i had it so i just press Enter and i could get in, except this thing won't let me in my computer at all, using safe mode it wants password, and i type the stuff in, it won't let me in
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    This is a contradiction :confused:

    If the password (that you know) does not log you in ie invalid Password.
    Then run the livecd to retrieve your forgotten password

    I could be missing something, but it sounds as though your "known" password doesn't work
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    There was no set password, it was basically blank, you hit Enter, then you could get on. The known password doesn't work. When I restart my computer, LogOn Windows comes up. Then with User Name : New User, i change the user name to : Administrator, then hit Enter, leaving the password blank..The loading your personal settings comes up, then it goes to logging off prolly within a second, then it goes to saving setting within a second, then it goes back to New User again...
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    If you cannot log on to any User in Safe Mode (as it just logs you back off)
    Then, it is definitely sounding like a Virus\Malware issue (as you know) Likely on Explorer.exe in the Registry

    Here's the easiest option (and it's not System Restore :( )

    Run a Checkdisk from booting up from your Windows CD and selecting the first R prompt to get you into the Recovery Console
    Press 1 to select Administrator
    Then press Enter to get to the command prompt (no password usually)

    On the Command prompt, type in :

    chkdsk c: /F (note: one space before /F)

    Or if that doesn't work, type in chkdsk c: /R

    Once completed, restart and test again


    If that doesn't work, you may need to remove your internal HardDrive, and then scan it in another computer (plugged in as a slave - I usually put it in the DVD drive position)
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    alright, i'm gonna try this, is there any way to just get the files if i cant get into, i just want the word documents that were on it, that's all i care about... my sibling has their resume on it and they are freaking out cause it's not backedup
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    Yes :)

    You can use such BootCDs as The Ultimate Boot CD (it's free, just search, Download; create a bootCD, then boot from it)

    When it boots up, you can then find any documents and save them to USB Flash drive

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    alright, also, when i put in the windows xp cd, how do i get it to boot? i press f8 but don't see anything to boot from??/

    also, i'm trying to download the ultimate boot cd,
    which one of these is safe, they all look fishy to me

    which do you recommend i use to get word documents off my computer

    bump it to the top

    can anybody help me, i'm having a really bad day
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    italianrock72 don't reply to yourself any more :/
    5 replies in a row is just way too many

    Use EDIT to add to your post, if your post is the last post in the thread (presently not)
    You may have seen that replying to yourself doesn't actually speed up the forum process (actually the contrary)

    Regarding UBCD any mirror download will do

    Regarding your CDs not booting, you need to go into your System Setup Bios screen
    When you first turn on your computer you will see a prompt like "Press DEL to get to system Bios Setup" (this key may be different (ie F2 or F10 or something, but it's usually DEL)

    Once in System Bios Setup screen, navigate to the startup sequence
    Place CD as the first bootable device, followed by your HardDrive as the second one (3rd 4th or anymore don't matter)

    Once CD is made the first bootable device, save and exit
    You will then be able to boot from any bootcd
  14. italianrock72

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    this may help me,
    I was thinking about taking my computer into a professional service to have them look at it, (not geek squad, because i don't think they will help, i.e. my experience is this kid that works there is a high school dropout of my class), i was gonna take it to this other store that is only question is how much do you think it will cost me to have them fix this????
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    Make the kid an offer... $25 case $10 or what you can afford. Most high school kids will jump at a chance to work on one more computer... especially if you provide cokes and cake.
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    I wouldn't put a "kid" through this. You have shown your impatience twice now, here on the forum by bumping a 2 Hr reply delay, and then by saying you want to take it to some "dropout" kid

    Take it to a professional business and pay if you like, they'll set you straight ;)
    By the way these sales\tech staff are not as good as the high technical abilities of a Tech forum on the web (like TechSpot) Strange I know, but the world is changing.
  17. italianrock72

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    I believe I said I was not going to take it to Geek Squad because a kid from my high school who dropped out was working there. I never said I was going to take it to some "dropout" kid, I said the complete opposite of that. I was going to take it to a store that deals only in computers, so they are considered professionals. The only reason I bumped a 2 Hour Reply Delay is because I was checking up to see if anyone had responded because 1. I'm not to experienced on here (i.e. only 12 posts total, compared to your 14,077 posts, which I have .00085 % of your amount of posts, and 2. a relative needs to get some information of the computer for the sake of her kindergarten class, so I'm doing it for the kiddies, as they need to learn. I'm an engineer and sales/marketing guy for a vehicle systems integrator, so I deal with engineering parts on the inside of vehicles and not so much computers. From the marketing stand point, one would think that if something is at the top of the page, more people are likely to see it then if it is at the bottom of the page.
    Just giving you a perspective from where I'm coming from. Thanks for your help. I have to go to sleep to be ready for work in the morning.
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    Oh, actually that's clear. I'm happy with that :)
    By the way, I've run my own computer retail (Service\Sales) in a Retail\Service shop (solely owned and managed by me) for many years now.

    Actually I've found that many support staff, on TechSpot have come from previous or similar environments. We certainly are aware of the dealings on both sides of the fence (free Vs charged) Without a doubt, the web forum free option is far greater, both in expertise (basically wider resource) and customer satisfaction (ie You don't need to pay, and you can even come back for free advice). There's not that much time in the shop to help customers on such a professional level. I know ;)
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    I'm at work, it's almost 5 o'clock about to be done with the day on Messiah Day, so I'm on the computer. For The Ultimate Boot CD, I'm looking for a site I can get it, do I download the program and then burn it to a CD, please explain what I am supposed to do
  20. kimsland

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    Works on XP and Vista :grinthumb

    Where To Download=>

    How To Burn=>

    UBCD4Win Forums=>

    But here's a quick guide ;)

    Download and Burn the UBCD4Win to CD
    Boot from UBCD4Win newly created bootable disc
    Plug in a USB Flash Drive, or empty CD (if requiring to backup your data)
    There are a number of Programs from the UBCD4Win Start menu, see pics h e r e
    Or even open UBCD4Win's "My Computer" and back up data from your Hard Drive to your external USB drive

    UBCD4Win Desktop
    click to maximize

    Latest UBCD4Win Download locations mirrors (one is bound to work ;) )

    Note: I have created the same guide (but including Windows re-install) here:
  21. italianrock72

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    thanks, hopefully this works when i get back home to try it..
    you are quick to respond.. who do you work for, i would hire you for IT manager, 52k a year, but you prolly wouldn't like the midwest, usa haha
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    Thanks :grinthumb

    I work for myself. I service computers (you wouldn't believe it :D)
  23. italianrock72

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    Just made The Ultimate Boot CD and am going to drive home to try it. Now I have a USB Flash Drive, but it has the Recylcer.exe virus. When I click my C Drive on my good computer at home, it comes up with Windows Cannot find "Recycler\", it won't let me into my C Drive. Do you know what this virus is? I think it is on from my USB Flash Drive, which I went to Best Buy and the Geek Squad guy told me to reformat it which I did, but it came back. Do you know how to get rid of the recycler.exe virus? Or what it is?
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    never answered the question about the Recyler.exe Virus but okay. I took my computer to a professional service and am dishing out the American $$$$, even though it will soon be called confetti. but that's okay, because while i was there i got to see a midget who's harddrive was all messed up and she was about to all in all it was worth it
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