Can't get usb2 to work

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May 17, 2003
  1. ok I just put together my first custom system 3 days ago, here are the specs
    abit nf7-s rev2.0
    windows xp pro sp1
    Anyways i tried installing the usb drivers like it says on the abit cd manual thing, which is installing sp1 then going into the device manager and telling windows to look for the usb drivers, which did install, but my usb doesnt work everything else works, and Im using the usb on the motherboard through the i/o shield not the one on the case...

    about the usb drivers i have now im not sure if its supposed to look like that in the device manager, well what i see under "usb serial bus controllers" is "standard enhanced pci to usb host controller,standard openhcd usb host controller,standard openhcd usb host controller,unknown device,unknown device,unknown device,unknown device,usb root hub,usb root hub,usb root hub"
  2. young&wild

    young&wild TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 993

    I know this might sound silly, but have you make sure that the USB ports at the case are securely connected to the USB pin on the motherboard?
  3. JSR

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    there are drivers if your usb is 2.0.....and there is a thing in device manager where you open the usb device and double click on the root may have more than one.....double click each and untick the box in power management which allows your os to turn it off to save power
  4. alucard17

    alucard17 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i already installed the drivers

    i installed the drivers that were from the windows xp SP1 pack just like it said in my mobos manual, but it hasnt worked that was the first thing i did after i installed windows... anyways to answer young's question im using the usb ports that are built innto the motherboard the ones that come out through the i/o shield plate NOT the ones in my case... anyways does anyone else have any suggestions im not sure how to check if its on in the bios, the only option ive seen with usb is keyboard support via usb which is set to OS and mouse support via usb which is also set to OS. another option i saw was sometihng like set irq to usb dont remember the exact words but it was set to enabled...
  5. Tarkus

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    I'm not familiar with the NF7, for the Asus boards there were USB drivers on the disk but no USB2 drivers. I guess they were released later and published on the Asus website. They were customized Orangeware drivers for Asus. Abit may have something similar going on.
  6. Nic

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    Uninstall all those 'unknown device' items (right-click, select uninstall), and make sure you installed the nForce2 drivers for your mainboard (I guess you probably already done this). Select 'scan for hardware changes' in device manager and everything should be detected and work correctly. You should not have any 'unknown device' in device manager, if the drivers are installed correctly.

    There is also a bios setting to disable usb, but that should be aready enabled - worth checking.
  7. alucard17

    alucard17 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yea i checked the bios and it was enabled, i also did what u said but after i uninstall like in 20 secs i get new hard ware found then it tells me its a usb device and finally it goes back to saying its unknown device, funny thing is that right when the windows load screen pops up when im starting the comp the usb ports work, i kno this cuz my mouse lights up (logitech dual optical) but when i get to the desktop it turns off even if i move it around...
  8. Nic

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    Sounds like a configuration/driver problem. Try reinstalling winxp back over the top of your existing install ( run from windows and select the upgrade option). Hopefully things will sort themselves out and you'll still keep all your existing programs that you may have already installed.
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