Can't install anti-virus

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Feb 13, 2010
  1. Hello,
    I hope you can help because I am completely stumped. I've been trying to clean up my husband's computer, without much success. I did get the original worm.win32.netsky removed, but there were still other remaining virus files, among them some AVG files that kept flashing pop-ups. I managed to get rid of those by doing a system restore. Still, there are more infections that are interfering with the internet connections.

    I read through your 8 step process and, since I can't connect on that computer, I downloaded the programs to a usb stick and attempted to install from that. The virus apparently blocks the installation of the Avira antivirus. I should have guessed, since I have SecurityShield2009 on that computer and it has been disabled, and I can't reinstall it.

    So, I am stymied. I do have Antimalwarebytes Anti-Malware program on the computer and I have been able to run that. It removes about 30 files. I also have a program called RegCure and it scans and 'fixes' about 10 errors. Still, the problems remain.

    Any suggestions? I'll go ahead and try the next step, of the 8 steps, and I hope something works.

  2. stitchintricia

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    Well, I continued on to Step 2 and beyond...successfully. Once I completed Step 5, installing and running Super AntiSpyware, I was able to go back to Step 1 and am currently have Avira installed and am running a complete scan of my system with that. I have saved logs at each step. I think that I will follow this Step 1 with Step 2 and continue through the sequence again-- it can't hurt anything, as far as I know, and perhaps it may catch one or two more items on the way through again.

    I am glad to see that the programs are now able to access the internet for updates. That is major progress, as far as I'm concerned, and I hope that it is an indication that we have overcome some major obstacle in my personal "trojan/virus wars."

    Again, thanks for being here. I will report back with logs when I have completed the 8 steps, most likely that will be tomorrow.

    Happy Valentine's Day~ it is definitely looking sweeter to me~

  3. Broni

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    Please, don't touch it anymore and uninstall it as soon, as you can.
    Registry programs are nothing but dangerous. They may leave your computer not bootable.
    Post any log, you're able to create, as soon, as you can.
  4. Bobbye

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    I suggest you just try to run Malwarebytes, Superantispyware and HijackThis> then attach the logs for us to review. That will give us something to work with.

    You did NOT have to change your antivirus if you already had one on the system. Your post isn't clear about that. Some have read that step incorrectly and though they were being told to change to Avira or Avast. That is not what it says.

    Don't run any other cleaning program, uninstall or install any new programs unless we specifically ask you to.
  5. stitchintricia

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    Re: Can't install Anti-Virus/8 steps

    Thanks, Bobbye,
    I did complete the 8 steps and posted the logs, just a half minute or so before you posted to this. When I saw the header above mine, it had me wondering if I had somehow "triple submitted" my original post-- but I am guessing it just showed up because of your response. I wish there were a way to delete the original 'duplicate' so that it doesn't keep popping up with responses, sorry for the nuisance.

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