Can't install my new graphic card


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I got my 6950 today, but it's not working........

Step1:I disable my old graphic card
Step2: I change the old g.c to my 6950 at the same spot.
Step3:install my driver.. But it is not working..

And 1 thing I dont get. After I done all 3 steps, and it's not working. then I uninstall my new. g.c driver and enable the old one. and it works pretty fine... is there a build-in graphic card?? if so, the one I took one out is??

reply asap pls...


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BTW: the fans of my new G.C is actually working so I think I put in the right spot.. but cant detect it!! im so confuse!! awww


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Do you actually see a picture at all on the monitor?
Also it might be obvious but make sure the connection from the graphics card to the monitor is correct.


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My graphic and my gaming graphic is 1.0. So im sure I deleted/disabled my old G.C. Now I think all I need to do is make sure my g.c is at the right spot and make it detectable...
Btw: the fan of my graphic card is running. does tat mean it is completely seated and right spot?


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im glad people still post how they ficed their problems,
I see it in many posts "oh nevermind, fixed it!"
rest of the people stuck? "DO YOU MIND TELLING US HOW!!!!!"