Cant log in due to Virus in My Computer

By hsh78
Apr 19, 2008
  1. I cant log in my computer due to some virus I am using windows XP and when I click on log in it logs in and logs off same time. I need help how to remove the virus by any boot file which I can run and clean it so i can access my windows and PC. plzzzzzzzzzzzzz need help
  2. Bobbye

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    Which account are you logging in under? Have you tried the log in using another account? Have you gone into Safe Mode and tried logging in from there?
  3. Auguss

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    Safe Mode Without Networking

    It sounds like its Vundo/Virtumonde those two virus have a tendency to crash explorer causing a log off or a repeat crash over and over again of explorer which will make the desktop icons flash along with the taskbar if you have conflicting security settings which doesnt allow the virus to run/install correctly.

    press F8 while booting every two seconds eventually it will ask you a boot method, choose Boot in Safe Made, do not press it to fast your computer will recognize a stuck key instead.

    Go to this post below download follow the link to download SpyBot S&D and Malware Remover then pick through the others. and try some of the Hosts File options also listed, but first go to wikipedia link on the hosts file first to understand about a host file.

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