Cant reformat my pc! (Windows XP Home Edition)

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Nov 20, 2005
  1. Ok, so I was gonna reformat my pc.
    I went to my control panel, and uninstalled a lot of programs first.
    But I deleted something I really should'nt had done.
    Now my CD-ROOM aint working.
    It of course did work before I uninstalled stuff.

    So I cant even put in my Windows Recovery CD's!
    (I got a set of 3 CD's)

    When I put in a normall CD into my CD-ROOM, the PC starts working,
    I get that "timeglass" next to my mouse, then it completely freezes.
    So I have to restart my PC.
    When I put the first Windows Recovery CD in, the PC dont freeze, but it shuts down!

    After it shuts down, I cant even turn it on again.
    It seems like it "looses all its energy".
    The button is just dead.
    Nothing happends if I press it.
    But if I wait 5-10 mins the pc works again.
    It might be the prossesor but the fan works fine.

    If I now start the computer with the CD still inside the CD-ROOM, my PC freezes at the screen where I can access the BIOS settings.
    So the same happends if I put in a CD, or start the PC with one.

    So then I have to take out the CD, restart my pc again in order to start it.

    I searched around on google and found some tutorials.
    They said that I need the CD-ROOM as first boot device.
    So I went to BIOS settings and checked.
    And I found out that floopy was first boot device.
    So I changed it and started my PC again.

    When it got on, I putted in my first Windows Recovery CD again, hoping it would work now, but without luck.
    The PC shut down of its self again.
    As explained before, the pc lost its energy again.
    So after 5-10 mins when I was able to turn it on again, I still had the Windows Recovery CD in, something new happend.

    After the black screen where I can access the BIOS settings, a new black window came up where it said something like:
    "Booting from CD:"

    And I though hurray, finially it works.
    But no, the PC restarted of it self after that, then it printed
    "Booting from CD:"
    again and restarted.
    This happend 3 times.
    The third time it shut down and not restarted.
    Now my PC lost its energy again and I had to wait 5-10 mins to turn it on.
    After that I took out the CD so I could start the PC and now Im sitting here writing this.

    What am I doing wrong?
    Could it be the prossesor since its shuts down?
    If it is the prossesor, why it only shuts down with a CD in the CD-ROOM?
    Even if it is the prossesor, what have I done to make my CD-ROOM stop working?

    Hope you can help.
    Thanks a lot.
  2. BiZ


    I dont know why you were uninstalling stuff if you were reformatting. The proper way to of done this is to go into your BIOS and set as boot from cd. Put in the windows xp install cd and restart. It will load the windows install and on the way through the normal install it asks to choose the partition and just choose NTFS drive C: or FAT32 drive C:, whichever you like and go through the install. After you'll have a fresh HD with a fresh windows install on it.
  3. XunTric

    XunTric TS Rookie Topic Starter

    What you mean by boot from cd?
    Setting it to load CD-ROOMS before hard-disc right?
    Ive done that.
    And as I said after it prints "Booting from CD:" the pc just shuts off.

    I think it print somethings about "hardware device errors" before it shuts down.
    Anyone got any idea of what that means and how to fix it?
  4. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,018

    Welcome to the Group

    go back to bios look for (disable boot other devices and if you can disable boot floppy all together do that .
    check make sure boot up seq. is like
    1-cdrom or dvd
    2-hard drive is 0
    disable floppy seek
    if your hard drive is a sata look in bios for boot from sata device and make this number 2 then the hdd _0 number 3
    on boot when you get to the screen boot from cd
    do you see (press any key)
    if not sounds like your recovery Disc is not bootable
    check with you machine sales or manufacturer IE: Dell
    oh ya one last thing
    set the HDD as master (jumper) on ide 1 at the end of cable
    set the cd or dvd drive as master on ide 2 end of cable
  5. XunTric

    XunTric TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks a lot people.
    Finially made it.
    Used my dvd drive instead.

    But, my CD-ROOM still doesnt work!
    Today after the reformat, I found out that my DVD-ROOM doesnt work either!
    When I put in a CD, the pc just freezes or shuts down!
    Wtf has happend?
    Cant install anything.
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