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Catastrophic problem nuked 2 OS's in one go

By GrrrrBroken
Feb 11, 2009
  1. I was running Windows Vista Home Premium on a RAID0 volume in an XPS M1730 laptop, I was running an instance of the ext2 volume manager program in order that I may use my external HDD on which I have UBUNTU installed as an extra storage volume for backup. I was running out of space on my RAID0 volume so I began transferring some of my movies over to the external HDD. I also decided that whilst I was at it I should set utorrent to download there as it would help to conserve my space.

    Things were going okay until suddenly the USB noise for something unplugging sounded and my external HDD disappeared right in the middle of a file copy operation plus the download. Explorer froze as did ext2 manager and I could not do anything to fix either, including ending the explorer process and starting a new one. Eventually I could do nothing else but a hard shutdown. Upon reboot into windows, I get the login sound, I get my desktop, startup programs begin to load then suddenly BSOD. Something about a Page Fault in a Non-Paged area I think, though I'm not sure and that's all I could read of it since windows helpfully decided the 6 odd seconds it waited before rebooting again was sufficient to read the entire screen full of text.

    I found my re-installation cd and have tried running a startup fix routine but it found no problems, I tried running a system restore to this morning but the same problem occurred, I tried doing a hardware diagnostic and memory test on boot up but no problems were found. I tried running in safe mode with networking and I thought that it had worked but as I didn't know what to do I tried some other methods and didn't realise that in fact the problem is the same there too it just takes longer for the BSOD to kick in but eventually it will, also I have no sound in this mode.

    In desperation I tried my Ubuntu boot from the hard drive I was copying files to when this whole ordeal began and it failed to load the xwindow system saying something about a mismatch in nvidea driver numbers which is pretty miraculous and awful since this problem had not existed only 2 days prior but now somehow it did. So now I am sending this from my EEEPC, my computer is ruined, the only option I can still think of is to reinstall windows but I'm worried this will mean wiping everything and it was fear of this that made me decided to run a backup in the FIRST PLACE. Please someone rescue me from computer hell, this is the Hiroshima of computer incidents.
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,432   +801

    unless there is very precious files on the hds, your better off getting new drives and
    starting over :( sure suck I know

    DO NOT USE RAID-0! you just experienced why, so hopefully you can learn from the experience.
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