Caught in an endless loop

By preecey22
Mar 31, 2009
  1. Basically my computer constantly freezes up and the only way to turn it off is manually by holding down the start button for 6 seconds, this is vdamages my computer and only makes it worse. You can probabaly see where this is going.

    turn off
    freezes more
    turn off
    freezes more

    and thats basically the loop im stuck in. I dont ask much from my computer except going to websites and the fact that it can barely manage that frustrates me. It took me 5 restarts just to get on here. So i guess i,ll start here, deleting programs, hows in gods name do you do it? ive tried deleting things which go un-used but takes up alot of memory and everytime its the same old message "you need permission to perform this action" from who? its my god dam computer. (yelling at microsoft not you guys) and so any attempts to fix my computer fail. I have AVG free version installed and an expired version of mcafee which constantly pesters me to renew my subscription but in my opinion Mcafee is terrible and i prefer AVG and as we all know having two anti virus on your PC isnt good. well like I said i cannot un-install anything so thats another problem it wont let me fix. Im starting to think its all just a scheme to purposly break my PC forcing me to buy a new one, my new one however will be a mac so i dont have to tolerate this kind of crap on a £600 machine.

    now thats out of my system, can someone please tell me how to delete files on my PC and get around the "you need permission to perform this action" error? maybe then i can make some progress. Thanks =/
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