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Sep 13, 2008
  1. I don't know if this has been an issue for the past year or just 6 months now. I really haven't ripped a CD in a while. Back in June I picked up a demo cd that was home made, pretty beat up, didn't rip got errors right away. I thought it was due to scratches, so I ignored it until about a few weeks ago when I actually bought the first CD in about 2 years. again these didn't rip. they didn't even play. I tried older discs and same issue.

    I haven't had any need to rip my old CD's in the last 5 years cuz I have been storing my music on a hdd that's separate from my OS drive.

    Issue: no CD audio. playback or ripping in any software.

    h/w associated: Asus DRW-1814BLT
    Xonar DX
    P5n32-SLI Plus
    All up to date.
    OS: 64bit vista ultimate.
  2. tweeds1

    tweeds1 Banned Posts: 88

    go to device manager and look for any exlamation marks and uninstall them and restart your computer thats should help if not try unplugin your rom drive and reconnecting
  3. BillAllen55

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    I would agree with Tweeds1 as checking for any exclamations in the device manager would be a good start. If there are no errors shown I would then find the cd-rom driver shown in the device manager and first choose the option of updating the cdrom driver. This gives the OS instructions to search the internet for a suitable updated driver. If none is found then you would want to uninstall the current cd-rom driver. Once this has been done you would then need to restart windows program. Once this has been done the OS will find the necessary hardware driver (cdrom) and reinstall it. You could try unplugging the cd rom and plugging it back in. If these options are not successful My guess is the cdrom is toast.
  4. Phantombadger

    Phantombadger TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 20

    Already reinstalled with the latest drivers. Also I unplugged it once as a friends suggested the ye olde cd audio cable. which isnt required for a SATA drive or current hardware. Also reinstalled my soundcard drivers too. and my codecs. also uninstalled all codec packs installed the packs that worked before.
  5. tweeds1

    tweeds1 Banned Posts: 88

    will it play in one of the 2 cd-roms or niether?
  6. Phantombadger

    Phantombadger TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 20

    it only doesnt work in one. looks like I only posted in my h/w specs one drive.
  7. kimsland

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    Please put your System Specs information in your Profile

    If you have a proprietory computer like Dell; HP; Acer etc, please manually write this in the mobo field (ie Dell Dimension 3100 - as an example)

    Please click on Yes in your Profile To this question:
  8. Phantombadger

    Phantombadger TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 20

    Thats not really the issue at hand; whether my specs are in my profile or not. the relevant info is in the First post of this thread, if you even read it.

    For a recap:

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