Check out the final trailer for season two of Stranger Things

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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Today is Friday the 13th, a fitting date for Netflix to premiere its final trailer for season two of Stranger Things.

It’s immediately evident that Netflix has cranked the ‘80s nostalgia up to 11 (and significantly tweaked the show’s budget). What’s also clear is that Will Byers’ experience with the Upside Down is far from over and that the town of Hawkins, Indiana, is in for one hellish Halloween.

Netflix shared the first trailer for season two at the San Diego Comic Con in July.

If you somehow missed the inaugural season, there's still time to get up to speed. Season two of Stranger Things drops on October 27.

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IT Overlord
Wow too many spoilers, stopped watching after 30 seconds.
Can't wait to see Millie Brown and David Harbour in Godzilla 2 / 2019.


TS Evangelist
Looks creepy, and perhaps better than Season 1.

Personally, I have to love the "84' Reagan / Bush" campaign sign in the first few seconds of the trailer. Metaphor, perhaps?

To quote Asimov:

Science fiction is an existential metaphor, that allows us to tell stories about the human condition. I have often wondered why there is such a strong mainstream backlash against science fiction, and have found myself, on more than one occasion, defending it’s validity as literature.