Check out the Nanica Smitch, a terrible Nintendo Switch rip-off


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Currently available in Colombia, the Nanica Smitch does resemble Nintendo’s console at first glance. It’s even got the detachable controllers, and there’s a picture of Mario on the front of the box.

According to the Colombian website that’s selling the machine, the Smitch comes with 800 games pre-installed—it doesn't use cartridges—all which will almost certainly be illegal ROMs of NES games. Some of those named include Mario Bros., Bomberman, and Double Dragon.

Other differences include the ‘Joy-Cons’ being a lot thicker, cheaper-looking, and powered by four AAA batteries. And while the Smitch can connect to a TV, it uses RCA cables to do so, rather than HDMI.

It’s likely that Nintendo will quickly put a stop to the Nanica Smitch, or has already started the process. Few companies protect their IPs as aggressively as the Japanese firm—it has already launched several lawsuits against ROM-hosting websites, seeking millions of dollars for copyright and trademark infringement. Even YouTube channels uploading Nintendo games’ soundtracks weren't safe, having also been hit with copyright claims.

The problem is that some people could mistake the Nanica Smitch for the real thing, leaving those who receive the ‘console’ very disappointed on Christmas day.

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That's as blatant a rip-off as I think I've ever seen. They don't even try to hide it.


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A few Christmas' ago, you could find Nintendo 64's with "over 1000+ games". Some guy at my mall was selling them for 99.99 a pop. There wasn't even 1000 games made for the N64 and if you scroll thru the games list, there were only 20 different games like Tetris, Frogger, and Oregon Trail. It didn't have any n64 quality games lol. They were just renamed and listed over and over up until 1000. Hilarious.

Any person that didn't know better would buy it. It was literally just a dummy n64 controller that plugged into A/V on your TV. Flimsy and crappy, it would break if you jerked the cord the wrong way.


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So could grabbing a bunch of old systems and games from the flea market.

Let's see...I could buy a knock off that has hundreds of games in it already...or go to a flea market and try to find a game console that works, and a bunch of carts for it that still work...


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Wow, Im actually kind of intrigued seeing how it actually works portable and docked and the controllers come off...
This is awesome this has great NES collection lol. Man Nintendo really deserves this for killing Virtual Console 🤪. Doug Bowser didn't improve anything at all. I'm starting to think maybe Reggie Filsame actually supported Virtual Console?