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Back in March, we got worrying hints of what Paramount Pictures had in store for Sonic, with the first poster for the movie showing a silhouette that revealed his weirdly muscular, hairy legs. Fans’ fears were confirmed once the first trailer arrived in April, as they gasped in horror at his normal-sized eyes, white fur on his hands instead of gloves, and, most disturbingly, a mouth full of human teeth.

Such was the outcry over this bizarre-looking Sonic, the movie’s director, Jeff Fowler, promised that changes would be made to the character before the release in November. “The message is loud and clear... you aren’t happy with the design & you want changes. It’s going to happen,” he tweeted.

Six months didn’t seem very long to redo a CGI character completely in a feature-length title, and, surely enough, Fowler later said the movie's launch would be pushed back three months to February 2020.

Now, a new trailer gives us a look at this updated Sonic, and things are a lot better. His body isn’t as long and thin as it was, and his eyes are much bigger, with less of a gap between them. But best of all are his teeth, which are fewer in number and a lot more subtle.

Whatever your opinion of the trailer, at least this Sonic looks like he should, but whether the final movie will be any good remains to be seen.

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I still think this could be a poor movie but at least the justified criticism was acted upon. So kudos to them. Just for that I might go and see it, reward the film's box office. Consumers have to vote with their feet.

If Bethesda shafts you, sorry, I mean a company, then you don't give them your money. If they try their hardest to improve their product, then you can acknowledge that.


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Looks much better, but that doesn't mean it looks good. They still could have done much better. Some fan redesign mockups I've seen around looked a lot better than this.
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Sonic the character is much much improved. Like it a lot. How the movie will do, we will see. But having Jim Carrey in it is a plus. I hope it does well, it does have its funny moments at times from what I saw.

I think it could be a good kids movie but we will see. It launches in Feb. around Valentines Day when their aren't many kids movies. So it has a chance to do well.

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Got a teaser of Sonics world. I was bummed I didn't see that in the original. I bet his world is a teaser in the final movie also. I would like to see a movie based only in his world...with Jim Carey. So tired of the clone actor heroes that I can't tell apart any more.