Chipset temp question?

By ingeborgdot
Jan 19, 2007
  1. I recently have tried an overclocking venture. I seem to have a problem though. I will try to be as detailed as possible.
    I have had this computer up and running stable for over a year now. I have five fans and like a quiet case. My chipset does not have one of those little whining fans but a large heatsink to compensate for heat. It has been registering around 33-35C for the last year with the heatsink on. I have a temp probe attached to the heatsink that tells me this and a display screen that tells me all my inner temps to other probes. Well, after doing some ocing I have run into a snag. My cpu temp stays way down around the 33C at idle and under 40 prime95. My chipset temp on my display started reading over 55C idle and no matter what I did it stayed that way. I have since put it back to original settings but the temp stays at around 55C. I have put another sensor on it to test but it also registers the same temp. I had only oced the thing for a day and had done a couple hours of testing. I have tried several software temp readers like speedfan and another but am not sure which temp reading is for the chipset because on speedfan it does not tell me which temp is which. Same with the other but no where in either of those monitors is there any temps close to the 55 that is registering on the temp probes I have. Does anyone have a clue what is happening? I didn't even begin to push it to any high limits.
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