Choosing a new power supply

By SteveGoetz
Mar 31, 2011
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  1. So I need a new power supply to replace my rosewill green series 80 plus which died on me last night. I am not very hardware savvy so bear with me. I would like some suggestions on what to buy. I have a pretty good/new system for gaming so I'm guessing my voltage should be around 500? I don't give a crap about sound, or saving money on power. I don't mind it being loud if it in fact stays cool from an extra fan or something. I don't pay for electric so i i don't wanna pay extra for the low energy feature. All i need is a PSU that has serious power, stays cool, and of course has surge protection. That would be the most important part since that is what killed my last one. Any suggestions?
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  3. Newoldschool

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    whats your budget?

    seasonic is likely the best you'll find

    the higher end corsairs are good

    antec been having some great deals on lately on the tpn series

    dunno you hardware but with some more info we could find the ideal psu for you

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