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Comp stops at black screen w/ point or keeps rebooting

By elivan
Jul 17, 2009
  1. Hello all,

    First time poster and ty in advance for any help offered. I usually can deal with most computer problems but this one has been out of my reach so far.

    All started with a pop up from a virus scanner (not mine) that said my computer was infected and to press ok to scan. I have seen this before and closed the window out but it had already started a dowload (sounded like). I shut everything down and upon getting back on the internet noticed that all the links that you can click on from google searches take me to some generic sight. I have had this virus before so I started Avast to eliminate.

    While trying to run avast I got a message saying that the monitor had lost its signal and my computer rebooted. It got as far as just past the screen with the windows logo that has the loading bar. It stops there (pure black screen) but i can still move and see my pointer.

    Restart the computer and the results vary, sometimes it sticks at the black screen (with movable cursor still) and sometimes it continues to desktop but when it does its not long before the monitor once again loses signal and my comp reboots.

    I went into safe mode and ran malwarebytes and found the virus win32asec (trj) is what it was called i believe. Malwarebyte said to remove the infected file/virus the comp needed a reboot and it was be deleted at that time. Tried the reboot and you guessed it, got stuck at the black screen so I'm not even sure if the virus is getting deleted now.

    Some info:

    Like a ******* I have to restore point it seems.

    Have tried downloading and installing new video card drivers but when I move my monitor plug from my video card (ati) to my original video plug (and switch the output in BIOS) I still have the same problem. This leads me to think it has nothing to do with the ATI driver or video cards.

    I have tried downloading a monitor driver, no apparent results.

    Going to get another monitor today after work and see if the problem follows.

    Will also, get all my info from system and post when i get home from work.

    Any ideas? I'm totally new to hijack software that gets logs from comp for other to see but I may try one when I get home also.

    Worked on this last night for about 10 hours and thought it was a simple virus and would be easy to fix. I'll be keeping notes of everything i try tonight.
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