Compaq laptop wont power, I need an alternate power source

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Dec 21, 2004
  1. Hello, I have a one-two year old Compaq Presario and it has stopped receiving power a couple of months ago. The battery currently doesn't work. I took it in to Micro Center, and they saudered the power port. That fixed the problem temporarily, but, two months later it stopped recieving power. I would really like to get some stuff off the hardrive, but to do that I would have to give power to the laptop. So my question to everyone is, is there any alternate way I can give the laptop power? One more thing, the power cord works perfectly.
  2. rrkky

    rrkky TS Rookie

    Same problem here

    I am having the same problem with my Presario Laptop x1015.

    I sent it in for repair once, but it is happening again and I can't find my receipt so they won't honor the warentee. Bought it last Feb. Funny thing is that Compaq told me that this is
    not a common problem and tried to blame me!!!!

    If you know of an alternate source please reply or email
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    Common on all laptops

    DC connector issues plague all laptops from Acer to Xteranotes. If anybody needs help just yell.. We can help you do this if you are capable or we can repair it fo you..
  4. rrkky

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    How to fix the loose power connector

    Ok, so how do I fix the loose power connector.

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    Have to pull the board out And resolder the leads for the connector. What model is the Compaq? 2100 series? If so they are one of the easier ones to tear down..
  6. seti

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    Compaq presario r3000

    Power port is not working, even after I took it in to be fixed. I am at the end of my rope. Any advice on how to fix this crap would be appreciated. I will ever take pics and upload them for furture power port victims.
  7. bravosboy

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    laptop dc power connector protector

    A tip for laptop owners. After trashing two Toshiba laptops due to continual problems with the DC power plug connection, I discovered a quick, cheap ($6) fix that is being offered on ebay. It won't repair existing problems but it will prevent future problems by simply removing the stress put on the DC cord that eventually cracks the solder on the mother board or prevents good contact within the connector itself. Suggest that laptop owners consider this to prevent an expensive repair later. It is adaptable to any laptop/notebook and can be viewed at ebay by querying "DC power jack protector".
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    it is very foolish to post your email in a public forum unless you like spam.
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    That was 3 years ago Tedster, I think he's not coming back to fix that.
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