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Compaq Preserio 3000 crashing and not booting

By imbri2040
Mar 2, 2010
  1. Compaqe Preserio 3000 has been shuting down randomly as if loseing power however it is not a power issue or overheating issue. I went into BIOS and set to default and now I get the error that windows system32 config system missing or corrupt. I try to boot from CDROM with windows CD and it will let the files load but as soon as it gets to the windows is starting up screan that should allow me to press " R" it shuts down and sometimes it shuts down before then but, if I leve it on the black screen than gives me the win system32 error and not ask it to do anything it runs eliminating power failure or overheating. Any ideas or software that I can down load from another PC to burn and run from CD as diagnostic dskchk or other utillitys software.

    Checked on PC after posting this and it has been running 30 min or so on the black screen with the win system32 config system error so it isnt overheating or losing power.
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