Compu runs at 1.25, should be 1.67...y?

By trelad
Jul 24, 2003
  1. Ok, about 6 months ago i customized my computer online and purchased it. I have a ECS K7S5A Socket A SDR/DDR Mobo, AMD Athlon xp 2000+ 1.67GHz 266FBS OEM. From the start it was only running at 1.25ghz. I of coarse went into the BIOs and changed the CPU speed from 100mhz to 133mhz, it seemed to fix the problem because it was running at 1.67ghz finally, but then it crashed after about 10 mins after startup, everytime. So i changed it back to 100Mhz. Since then i have learned alot more than i already knew about computers and i learned that my piece of crap ram was unable to get the compu to run at that speed. i had 384mb SDRAM PC100 in the computer. I was pretty sure this was the problem, but just to be safe, i called the company i bought it from and they told me the same thing that i thought. So that was a few months ago. I finally bought some new ram, 2 512mb DDR400 PC3200 non ECC Samsung chips. I took out the old, put in the new ones and windows wouldn't load, i forgot Windows ME doesn't support over 1gig of RAM, i know there is away around that but i'll leave that for the correct forum to ask that. So i took out the 1 chip and the computer loads up perfectly and reconizes the new ram as 512 DDR. So i figured i'd go into the BIOS again and change it to 133mhz seeing out its PC400, but i wanted to see if the compu would change it itself like it did with my old ram when i had it set to 133, it changed it to 100. So i hit F7 to load best performance and i check it, and it was still at 100mhz, i hit F6 to load Optimal performance and still at 100mhz. Ok, why? lol, shouldn't the computer be like hey, i have the right ram to perform this and change it? or should i just go ahead and change it myself? Im afraid i'll be like, hey it works, 20 mins later. Crash. Any advice would be most appreciated. Thnx
  2. JSR

    JSR Banned Posts: 592

    no, man

    your fsb for that particular cpu is 266, so that has to be set to 133 your dram timings to be in sync with your cpu's fsb.............meaning......set the dram timing to HCLK.........look to the boot screen when it should read 266.............any other settings will affect the latency of your computer......
  3. Justin

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    You need to change it yourself. The default settings for the K75SA always assume you are using 100mhz FSB RAM and CPU. If it still crashes after changing it this time, there is another problem afoot, but it should work out just well. Change it to 133mhz and enjoy.
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