Computer booting error, cant get a full boot, because computer keeps resetting itself

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Im very sorry I couldnt be as descriptive as possible in my tittle description, I will do so in full now.

Last night a storm caused the power to flicker and then go completely off and on for a few minutes. Now during the boot up process on my fathers computer, I get a prompt screen from windows telling that due to a incorrect shut down I should choose a method of booting; safe mode, safe mode with networking, start windows normally.. (you know the rest of the gib) If I tell windows to start normally, it gets to the final booting phase showing the small blue progress bar, but the computer resets itself.

It also will not go into safe mode, nor safe mode with command prompt, no kind of safe mode what so ever. Essentially, the computer gets right up the point of finally kicking 100% and then a reset which brings me back through the normal booting process and to the choose a method of boot screen.

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This should do the trick....

Boot from your Windows CD {it sounds like you know what you're doing so I won't go into it}, choose "Recovery Console" at the prompt, and once you are in, type chkdsk /r

This will find & hopefully fix the files that were corrupted due to the bad shutdown. It works most of the time.
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Ive tried all the booting options, but not the checkdisk /r. Ill try that and see what happens. Ill post again if it still wont do anything. I've been dissapointed with Windows since 98se. *laugh*
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No success on the recovery. I'm just going to sink it in the river and buy a new one for him. Thanks for the help!!
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