Computer Crashes at Random, Red CPU Light


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For a long time, I have been plagued by my computer randomly crashing. It does this occasionally and when it happens there is no BSOD, the monitor just stops receiving input and lights on keyboard and mouse turn off. Whenever the crash occurs the CPU light on the motherboard lights up red. Other than this, fans keep spinning, power light stays on until I shut it off via the power button. I have noticed that it happens most frequently shortly after boot. As it happens so occasionally it is difficult to try different things and see if it stops. There is nothing listed in event viewer other than the error from having to force shutdown the pc. Specs are listed below (custom build)
CPU: New Ryzen 5 2600
GPU: Used rx 570
Motherboard: Msi b450 tomohawk max
PSU: Corsair 550w gold
Ram: 16GB Corsair vengeance lpx
Storage: 480gb SSD (windows) , used 500gb HDD

Any help is much appreciated
Have you found a solution to this?
A friend with a very similar build is experiencing the same issue.
Thank you