Computer crashes/freezes/not starting up

By Omega2k3
Sep 8, 2005
  1. These posts were made on a different post which had described my problems. cpc2004 told me to go to the hardware board because it wasn't a driver issue. The thread can be found here:


    I'm having the same problems.

    Here's my minidump. I had more, but it hasnt happened in months, and the old ones don't seem to exist anymore:

    (Edit) Never mind, I was searching my files like an *****. I'll upload some of them now.


    It started freezing again today, and when it froze before ,there were no minidumps, but occasionally it crashed to a blank dark blue screen or just a blank screen, and those minidumps came from that. I had alt+tabbed out of a game, and gone back in when it froze. I tried the same game several more times, and it just seemed to freeze about a minute into the game. It crashed to the blue screen in another game, when the server was crashing.

    The main problem I have is that I seemed to have fixed the problem that used to happen, and it started this IRQL crap, and page fault in non-paged area crashes when I started up. So, every time I resarted, I had to go through about 10-15 minutes of retrying to get to the windows loading screen. The odd thing is, though, when it started to freeze and crash again yesterday, the loading problem seemed to have disappeared. I've restarted about three times, no problem.

    By the way, the old problem was the video card power cables. I fell asleep, and my dad hooked the rest up, but didn't know that the video card needed to be plugged into two places.


    Well, now I have a big problem. The last time it crashed was this morning, and now my computer won't start up. It seems to not be detecting the monitor, either. Usually, I can just keep trying and eventually get past the startup problem, but this has been like that all day. Please, help.
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