Computer crashing issues

By nialldotcom
Sep 16, 2010
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  1. Hello Techspot this is my first post on here :) and i am looking for your help guys :D Okay well i was running windows Vista and i was getting all sorts of problems like my computer crashing down randomly! would happen from time to time and then sunddenly starting happening alot more frequently especially when booting my PC! i got my computer Almost 2years ago now and this has only just happened when i bought the PC i upgraded the ram to 2gb from 1gb and then early this year in January i upgraded the graphics card... so everytime i was booting the PC it would crash Some times make a loud Beeping noise instantly and sometimes just crash when i get on the loading windows screen and also after that! i got annoyed at the problem so i decided to Format my PC and install Windows XP so i have done that and it was running perfectly! all the way up until it started doing it again apart from this time when it finally works it doesnt last long AT ALL!

    if you guys can help i would be grateful :)

  2. Route44

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    Any Blue Screens?

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