Computer freezing even after some new parts

By dugie77 ยท 10 replies
Mar 8, 2011
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  1. ok so i originally had problems with my computer just freezing up randomly, sometimes in games, sometimes just cuz etc. but now i just replaced my MOBO, RAM, and my CPU. Not only is it still happening, it got worse! I don't know what it is or what to do. It freezes a little after start up no since i put in the new stuff. No BSOD just frozen in whatever view it was in and a loud buzzing from the speakers. my computer specs are:
    CPU: Intel i7 2600k @ 3.4GHz
    MOBO: MSI P67A-GD65
    RAM: Corsair Vengeance 4gb x2 DDR3 dual channel 1600
    Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5770 1gb
    PSU: NZXT 600 W

    Also, I ran the computer in safe mode and it works just fine. I ran malwarebytes and didn't find anything.

    Please help!
  2. dugie77

    dugie77 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 22

    would it be my graphics card?
  3. Meepster

    Meepster TS Rookie

    I'd check to make sure you have the latest drivers and bios. Does the computer unfreeze after a little bit or do you have to restart it?
  4. dugie77

    dugie77 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 22

    I have the latest drivers but i dont know about bios. I looked it up at MSI and it says don't do it if you dont know what you are doing and i don't. and i totally have to restart the computer
  5. dugie77

    dugie77 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 22

    I downloaded and ran everything that the MSI live update program asked me to and its still freezing.

    FREEZINGisFUN TS Rookie Posts: 18

    its probably power supply... ive had this same problem for 3 months, not video card, not ram, not motherboard- though processor could be the issue, you replacing yours gives me more of a reason to believe its power supply... im about to get a new one (corsair tx650)tomorrow and find out

    edit: also reformatted about 5 times, ****ed around with drivers each time, i have a coolmax cu-700b 700w btw
  7. dugie77

    dugie77 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 22

    Let me know how it goes!! Thanks for the reply!
  8. dugie77

    dugie77 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 22

    I bought a new power supply. an 850 watt. and the freezing has lessened but hasnt stopped! so its helped a little but not totally!
  9. techsuitor

    techsuitor TS Rookie Posts: 131

    What is your OS?.
  10. dugie77

    dugie77 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 22

    win 7 64 bit
  11. electriksoda

    electriksoda TS Rookie

    Let me clear something up for you my friend. it's the RAM. Many people I know (including myself) are having problem after problem with the dreadful RAM!! I am still having the same problem as you and if anyone could help us out (now you have this information)!

    Also, it's the voltage it seems?

    My rig is:

    -Intel i5 2500k @ 3.3ghz
    -Biostar Tseries TP67B+
    -NVidea GeForce 7300 GS
    -Corsair Vengeance 4GB 1600mhz @ 1.5V
    -Samsung spinpoint F3 1TB @ 7200rpm
    -Arctic Pro 750W Modular PSU (80 Plus)

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