Computer gets stuck on WinXP loading screen.

By penguinrusty
Dec 29, 2005
  1. After I install windows XP, I install the drivers for my motherboard. Then, when I restart, the computer freezes on the loading screen where it says Windows XP and there's that little blue bar thingy. that goes across the screen. But, the computer will work fine in safe mode. I've wiped the hdd and re-installed Windows XP 4 more times, but it still keeps happening. Any idea what's wrong? And am I right in saying that the DFI Lanparty NF4 SLI-Dr doesn't need to have drivers installed for SATA hard drives? I have a sata hard drive, and when i put in the driver CD, all it has is a driver for RAID, not for just SATA. Here's my setup:

    DFI Lanparty NF4 SLI-DR
    2gb Geil value select
    100gb Maxtor SATA hdd
    Geforce 7800GT
    AMD A64 3500+
    And that' it. I'm going to try and flash my bios right now and see if that makes a difference.

    PUTALE TS Rookie Posts: 126

    is your 100gig maxtor HD the one that's being effected by the nforce4 chipset? there are reports that some maxtor's HD have compatibility problem with nforce4 chipset (I think all the 16mb cache ones). Check your model number and do a google search. Also, what version of bios is your mobo? I have the same mobo and I am running at hte latest bios (with similar specs as yours) and I have no trouble with windows.
  3. penguinrusty

    penguinrusty TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I think I just got it to work. I used a different Windows XP disk, and now it appears to be working fine. However, Half Life 2 won't install. After i put in the 5th disk, it says "Cannot install file "Counter-strike source shared content." It did this before when i would try to install it. Any suggestions?
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