Computer is screwed..

By kryo
Aug 22, 2006
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    Hi, been reading others posts in hopes to find the answer to my own question but I guess posting is just more convenient. I have never had any problems with temps in my computer other then when putting it together - ever. This is the first time the stupid thing is screwing up.. anyway, this is how it went. I had about 9,000 virus's on this thing, they snuck in before I could install any anti-virus on my comp when I reformatted acouple of months ago. Things just went downhill from there, and I mean.. really.. really downhill. Last night I finally had enough when the virus's hindered my game play during a league match for Counter-Strike so I ran 2 different virus scanners and deleted as much as I could. Unfortunatly, they came back in about .5 seconds. I restarted my computer, loaded up my usual programs (mIRC, Ventrilo, Steam, and.. Internet Explorer) but the internet explorer wouldnt run. I asked my teammates repeditively what was wrong and one, who happened to work at intel, told me my computer was probably over heating. So, brushing his advice off, I was ready to reformat. I restarted my computer.. and it's crashed ever since. If I let it sit for awhile, I can maybe get 20 seconds in before it shuts itself off. Sometimes I get that siren noise from inside the computer warning that the the temp is too high but sometimes I don't, which is why I don't know if its the temp or something else.

    I have the normal processor fan on it, I reapplied heatsink today, I have a huge fan in the back pointed at the processor, I installed 2 small computer fans inside the computer, I have a fan on my video card, and I have a small portable fan pointed into my computer from the outside. I dusted it throughly last night. I never put the sides of the computer on because I was always adding new things.. so I know that the inside computer temperature can't be caused by the casing..

    What is wrong with this POS? Lol, I just bought all the parts in December of '05.. any help would be great. =]
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    Please dont make 2 posts on excactly the same subject. I have replied to your other post.


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