computer keeps rebooting doesnt get past the windows screen

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Aug 20, 2005
  1. i have this computer that i am working on for someone and it just keeps rebooting it doesnt get past the windows screen it gets there it loads then it reboots...cant really figure out what the problem is..there really isnt too many cards in this computer either everything is onboard and there is a modem attached - and 2 cd-rom drives - im going to try to change the ide cables just to make sure its not them - ne ideas?
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    It could be the modem. Try taking that out. I'd suggest doing a bare bones boot to try and eliminate other problems. If something persists after bare bones, post back and we'll go from there.
  3. chrispudge

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    i took out the modem and one cd-rom drive and now it reaqds the other cd-rom because it asks to boot to cd-rom(i have a winxp cd there) and after i let it satart normally i get a blue screen with physical memory dump - so i think there is an issue with the memory
  4. chrispudge

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    well i replaced the memory - same issue so i guess its not that - you think maybe this computer just needs a good format?
  5. chrispudge

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    this is bad because i cant even get into windows even if i boot into safe mode - ne ideas guys?
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    Format :knock:
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    I'm having the same problem with my computer. the thread is
    I did the same things you did. stripprd the comp and tried even bought new memory because I waas geting the memory dump also. Tried a brand new HD, formatted and installed win xp pro, still that same. I was able to eliminate everything but the mother baord and the AGP card. I'm going to try a different version of windows on a clean HD and see if that makes any difference. I followed several threads from here touting the same rebooting problem, and the only common factor I can see is win xp pro. So I'm going to try to eliminate that.
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