computer keeps restarting

By bc1315
Aug 25, 2005
  1. hi everyone.
    recently my computer started acting really weird, it would automaticaly restart without any reason or pattern.
    it doesn´t report any error in the event viewer. i don´t get BSOD.
    there was a period of time when it wouldn´t even let me log in windows, it would keep restarting before the login.
    now it lets me stay on for a while, but it would restart for example when i try to load a cd. but not only then. i tried to reisntall windows, but it would restart in the process.
    i ran memtest, it was ok.
    it is not overheating.
    no bad caps.
    i recently changed my graphic card, i´ve put the SiS 315_315E (i´ve borrowed that one from a friend, so i´m not sure of a real name. my old one broke. it was MSI Radeon 9200SE)
    i have windows XP with SP2
    CPU/Processor : amd athlon 2083 MHz
    RAM : major pc3200 Actual:512 MB
    Motherboard : KT6 delta-FISR
    Hard Disk : MAXTOR 6Y160L0, Space: 160 GB, RPM:7200

    please help, cause i´m getting desperate
    thank you.
  2. nein

    nein Banned Posts: 109

    There're only 2 things which will not give you error logs or BSOD messages.

    1_ NMI (non-maskable interrupt) - This is the cold boot sequence every PC compatible performed upon boot, the pointer address entry for this interrupt is all high as in "FFF..." which is the top most address of the ROMBIOS in your PC. Many hardware problems can return an NMI pointer causing the computer to instantly reboot without messages of any kind.

    For example, a hardware device latency delay reading back data in Tri-Stated conditions will do so, Tri-Stated conditions by default is a "high" logic resulting in "FFF..." for return pointer values.

    But the delay must be fairly large as most slight delays will only cause corrupted pointers, which ending up with typical guru meditations the likes of "greater than or not equal to" for out of range or invalid interrupt pointer addresses which all of them are "maskable", logable, and loopable.

    2_ Logic Voltage drop out conditions - self explanatory, no power, no logic, no computing, no messages.

    Normally for anything similar to your case I would suggest power defficiency, however that is a world famous VIA chipset mobo you have therefore you can't discount that it is not being VIA's world famous latency hardware engineering as your problem.
  3. bc1315

    bc1315 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    nein, thanx for your answer but i did´t understand most of the first thing you said. but it doesn´t matter if you could tell me how to fix it.
    any suggestions what should i do?
  4. nein

    nein Banned Posts: 109

    True you don't need to understand, you could always do what most other professionals did without the comprehension.
    They normally swap parts out until the problem goes away, and you can do the same thing. First swapping out the motherboard, then try swapping out the PSU if the previous didn't work, so on and so forth for other parts...
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