Computer not starting

By okkalangba
May 19, 2011
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  1. good day guys, i have a problem with my cpu yesterday.. i've clean my cpu all the parts was remove.. just like vc,cpu fan,memory,lan card,sound card and processor , i was changing the thermal compound in my processor, .... and after that i install it again all the parts coz i was finished cleaning it for the maintenance, now i RUN my cpu then it goes to the bios only, but not in the main bios it's in the motherboard picture, then its not continuing, after that i check again my cpu config if i miss something, so i config my hdd the prImary ide, now i start again my cpu , goes to no beep , black screen, but the cpu fan is running , the sb_light on my motherboard have a light ,

    any help? what should i do?

    cpu specs:

    motherboard: p5nsli socket 775
    ram: 2GB ddr 2 667
    video card: 512 Mb nvidia geforce 9400 GT
    processor: intel core 2 duo e7400
    os: windows xp
    hdd: 41 gb ide primary, sata 80 gb
  2. Tmagic650

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    Try resetting the bios, by motherboard jumper or removing the CMOS battery making sure the computer is unplugged from the wall for a few minutes

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