Computer randomly turns itself off

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Apr 20, 2006
  1. atrainfbgm

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    sup guy my buddies computer is doing the same thing, it was running real slow and would turn off after a couple min i tried running a virus scan in safe mode and turned off before it could finish so we just reformated it. still the same prob after about 20 min of just sitting there its would turn off the fans a clean and running good dont know what if could be.
  2. nork

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    First off, start with cleaning the heatsink\fan on your cpu and air-blowing the dust out of your power supply and other fans and all the dust inside the case, dust on the memory sticks and on the motherboard. Check all connections to make sure they are all good and tight.

    If you should happen to have a power supply tester now is the time to check your power supply. One bad line can cause these problems even though the power supply still boots the computer it can be bad. Everyone should have a ps tester, they are cheap to buy and easy to use too.

    You may have to reformat the hard drive and re-install your os.

    Take the ram out, air-blast where the ram sits into the mobo or at least blow the dust out. Clean the gold fingers on your ram with soft cloth..
    You can d\load free version of everest and other progs that will tell you the fan speeds and the power supply voltage readings and other readings.
    If you can borrow a ps and temporarily install it on your pc that might tell you what is wrong.
    Finally, take the side off the case and have a house fan blowing on high right on the cpu and see if that helps.
    Go to my computer\advanced\startup and recovery\settings and take the check mark out of "automatically restart."
    Check the video card fan to make sure its clean and running.

    Re-set the motherboard by unplugging the computer from the wall and holding in the power button for a minute.
    Note that these items are not in order.
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