Computer screen freezes upon initial startup

By mntwins24
Jun 1, 2009
  1. Hi everyone I really need help. When I turn my comp. on it starts loading and gets to the black screen with windows logo and the meter that goes back and forth below the logo. Once it gets there the screen stays at that point, but the startup process continues as I can hear windows open up and the the rest of the programs starting. So essentially the screen freezes and the computer keeps going, but I obviously cant do anything. I will then try to ctrl-alt-del restart, but that doesn't work so I have to hold down comp. power button down. Then it try to start and like powers up then shuts off and does this a few times then will finally do what it does initially and freeze. Please someone help me I am completely broke and need a computer.
    **The first time I had problems was when I was watching a video file and all of the sudden the screen became blue and said a problem was detected and it was recommended that I let the testing of the drives continue and ever since then its done this.
    Please Help. I have to use me cell phone to go on the internet so if anyone could email me that would great. My address mntwins24 at
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