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By cableman
Aug 29, 2016
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  1. I have a Dell Precision T5400 running windows 7 with 16gb ram, a solid state hard drive for quick start up and a regular 500gb drive for files etc. It has dual quad core processors and it used to be fast and multitask well. I think I have some unwanted programs running I can't see. Possibly malware, I don't know, it is just getting slower. Can someone help me, I have already run all my software to optimize my computer.
  2. Cycloid Torus

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    Is it all clean inside the case? Are there any 'errors' in Event Viewer which need clearing out? Is everything functioning properly according to Device Manager? Do you have utility to TRIM & 'revive' SSD? Defragged HDD? Checked range of temperatures and voltages to confirm in spec?

    If so, the malware is likely problem - in your shoes, I would scan with the AV I have and I might try BitDefender's Rescue CD.

    Still a problem, I would seek Broni's help in the AV forum - or backup all my data files and repartition/reformat/reinstall my OS...
  3. cableman

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    I am going to run cc cleaner and check into the Broni's help section asn well as checking for any problems in the device manager but it has been running fine until just lately and boots up super quick with the solid state hard drive but I will check to see if it needs defrag. I really think that some unwanted programs are running in the background where I cannot see them. I need a good optimizer program I think. I am checking your recommendations and will post results. Thanks for your help

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