Computer suicide, fans spinning, but screen blank

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So... I was sitting next to my computer doing random stuff and the suddenly I see my screen go into power saving mode (which it does when the computer has been shut down) and a short while later the computer shuts down.

When I tried to start it back up again there was absolutely no response, not even a blink from the LED's. I opened it up and cleaned it and after that it seems when I turn the power on (at the PSU) the fans start spinning as if it's starting up, but the monitor stays black. I've tried two different monitors. The power button seems to be completely dead, when the power is on the fans will spin no matter what I do.

In the beginning all the fans were only spinning for intervals of 15-20 seconds, in between that only the CPU fan would spin and at a rather low speed.

Also, the HDD LED at the front keeps flashing as well as some random LEDs mounted on the outside of the box for show.

I used it 15 minutes or so before the crash and did nothing special. The insides of the computer has basically not been touched for two to three years. The specs:

CPU: AMD Athlon X2 3800+
Memory: Kingston 2x512 MB
Motherboard: AsRock-something (it has a slot for the next generation AMD processors, it says)
PSU: Hiper Type R 480W

I'm only a novice with computers so I'm hoping you can help me out here! Since it just suddenly broke down, I'm guessing something must have just died in there, and I'm basically wondering what, so I can get a replacement.

My theory (a novice's theory) is that the PSU is broken, since the LED's (also the ones that are just for show and are supposed to shine constantly) are flickering. But as I said, I'm just a novice, so I'd love to hear your ideas before I spend my savings on a new PSU! :)

Also... There might have been a metallic voice/noise minutes before the computer broke down... not quite sure if it was though, or if it came from the computer. :S

Anyway, any help would be immensely appreciated!


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I had a sleep problem in Vista. When the computer went into sleep I could not bring it back. Problem was solved by pressing the power button on the PC itself, it acts as a wake up button. After this I disabled sleep mode and the problem never occured again.

I don't know if this will help. It is just a problem I had and also thought that my PC was broken.
Part of the problem is that it doesn't even respond when I press the power button (or hold it down). :)

So to clarify: The computer doesn't show anything on screen when it's powered up, the fans just start spinning and the lights just start flickering.


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You have cleaned that comps' insides in the last three years haven't you?

Have you looked inside? Is it full of dust bunnies and crud?
Dmension 8100, starts in a kind of sleep mode...

I got a Diell Dimension 8100. It developed, gradually and somehow erratically, a strange behaviour:
When I start it, it acts as if in sleep mode - HD and power LEDS blinking, an amber LED on the MB is on - however, all POST LEDs are off.
Bothe PS and the CPU cooling fans are running in slow mode.
Voltages at the PS connectors are normal.
[At this stage, if I unplug and plug the power cord back, the machine is powered in the same state (it is not off when you plug the power cord in, but in that same "sleep" state. Keeping the power button pressed, turns the machine totally off.]
After 2 to 5 minutes, the POST lamps go to life, fans are spinning up, HD does its tests and the computer starts and works like nothing happened - including normal shut-off.
Obviously, there is no catastrophic failure in the MB or PS, then, what can it be? Can anybody relate to this?
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