Computer will not turn on, power supply is brand new

By shoveit1012
Mar 11, 2010
  1. Have an issue with my computer not turning on. A couple of days ago it shut down on me in the middle of web browsing. It would not turn back on. I noticed my power button LED light stayed lit. I completely unplugged the computer, and then plugged back in. The LED light was now off. I then pressed power and it turned on. After 10 minutes, the computer shut off again. LED light came back on. I waited til the next day to try again but was unsuccesful. I thought that I had blown my power supply. I replaced the power supply with a new one and the computer would still not turn on. At this point, I am puzzled by what it would be. I just so happened to have another MOBO, and I swapped the two MOBOs and still nothing. There is a small square light on the MOBOs themselves that come on when the power supply is connected. Not sure what it means.
    Since swapping the MOBOs didnt do anything, I bought another CPU. After installing it, I get nothing.

    I really need to get this fixed fast. Any suggestions? Why would the power LED light stay on. This is happening with both mobos.

    Its an Intel 865PERL mobo with an Intel Pentium 4 HT processor. Socket 478
  2. pctobeupgraded

    pctobeupgraded TS Rookie

    call the company
  3. pctobeupgraded

    pctobeupgraded TS Rookie

    or newegg
    claim another one but you have to call first if they accept then you have t ship it to newegg by your own
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