Computer won't bootup

By roadrun
Jun 2, 2010
  1. Hi everybody, I have a problem with my computer. I have a emachines t4510 which i bought off craigslist well the reason i bought it to run linix on it. The computer worked fine a first than all the sudden it wont bootup. The computer starts ok then when its ready to bootup (you see the Xp logo) then i noticed the cpu fan goes out which stops the bootup then i get a message that the cpu has been changed set settings in cmos and save did that still does the samething thought it might be the power supply but that wasn't the problem. Please Help
  2. raybay

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    eMachines has a very negative history with at least 18 different models... your T4510 is one of those...
    It is the motherboard that usually goes bad, and makes it appear the power supply is bad...
    But in our experience, the CPU, CPU fan, memory, optical drive, and hard drive are good... It is just not worth it to replace the motherboard with another eMachines model...
    The most common problem is as you report... it will not boot up... but it is because of the motherboard curling or defective electrical channels in the board...
    I don't know of a good fix except to replace the motherboard with one from intel... Often, the Windows install will still work, but we don't know about the Linux installs, because we haven't tried those.
  3. roadrun

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    intel motherboard

    What intel motherboard would you suggest thats compatible with the motherboard on emachines t4510 so i dont have to buy any new hardware. The t4510 is a smaller atx tower
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