computer won't send signal to moniter

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Jul 27, 2004
  1. I have a nVIDIA GEFORCE 4 video card. I have had it and my moniter for 1 year. I moved and had to setup my computer in a shop/garage. One day I shut it off and when I rebooted it, everything started running, except the moniter said there was no signal. The moniter test said it was running right, and to check the cable and video card. The video card was tested on another computer, and beside the fact that the fan was spinning very slowly because of dust in it, it worked fine. The moniter cable looks fine, no damage on the outside. The computer nor the moniter was moved between the last time I shut it off and the next time I turned it on, when no signal was received by the moniter. I beleive that the moniter is a KDS 17" XF-7b FLAT CRT.
  2. Rick

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    I've seen a lot of simliar "moving" situations caused by the processor, memory or video card being knocked out.

    Please reseat all of those components (even if they look tight!) and try again. By reseat, I mean remove each one of them and install them into the computer so you know the connection is good.
  3. young&wild

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    And make sure that the monitor cable to the Graphics card is firmly fixed. ;)
  4. Bug

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    If necessary, I also recommend resetting the bios. Sometimes the system needs a jump start. Consult your user's manual and verify the power is unplugged and the power button pressed once to discharge the board.

    Keep us informed,
  5. Japemeister

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  6. Steve B

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    Try swapping the PSU. it's happened to me twice. Everthing appears to work, but one of the rails is gone and it wont do anything.

    Coz the led's/fan etc go, the power supply seems ok, but it's prob not.

    Beg or borrow one from a mate and eliminate this suspect...
  7. Charles Hammond

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    Probably need to make sure all the I/O & Video cards are seated well. If a pci card leans and touches it can ground out. Often something simple like this can cause the power supply to just quit.
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