Computer Won't Stay In Sleep Mode

By Medic-5150
Jul 13, 2008
  1. Hey,

    I've got a brand new (4 days old) Intel DQ35j0 MB and it won't stay in sleep. It will for about three minutes then it "wakes" up again. I tried unplugging the mouse and keyboard thinking maybe either one was sending a signal and causing it but no luck. Also, I need to update the BIOS. Is there anyway to do that without a floppy disk?

  2. raybay

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    Why do you "Need" to update the BIOS. Usually, you want to leave the BIOS alone unless you know of a solid reason to update it. Updating the BIOS is a risky procedure that can sometimes destroy a computer, unless you have experience.
    Usually, you can fix the sleep issue by changing your settings in the control panel, or updating the driver.
  3. Medic-5150

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    Thanks. I don't need tup update the BIOS, it seems to be working fine. It's from March of 2007...I brought it up because when I was reading the reviews on the MB when i bought it from NewEgg everyone said they had to update the BIOS.

    Thanks for your response
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