computer wouldn't boot up with disk...

By rucg
Jun 1, 2005
  1. My PC simply shut off by itself. It wouldn't turn on again. Booting it up with boot disk yield no result. How to check if the problem is the power supply? Or what could the problem be?
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    Do the power lights come on? If not, do you have a multimeter. If you do use it to check the supply voltage to the mobo.
  3. GoAvalanche

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    Remove all power cord connections to all components. Turn the power back on. If the fan on the power supply comes on the problem is probably with something you disconnected. Turn the power back off.

    Reconnect the power cord to the drives. If the power comes on the problem is not with the drives. If power doesn't come on try one drive at a time until you identify the drive with the short.

    If the drives are not the problem, suspect the motherboard subsystem. With the power off, reconnect all power cords to the drives. Remove power to the Mobo by disconnecting P1 or P8 and P9. Turn the power back on.

    If the fan comes back on the problem is probably with one of the components powered by power cords to the Mobo. The power to the Mobo also powers interface cards. Turn off the power.

    Remove all interface cards and reconnect pulgs to the Mobo. Turn the power on. If the fan still works, the problem is with one of the interface cards. If the fan doesn't work, the problem is with the Mobo or something still connected to it.
    Good Luck

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