Conan O'Brien plays video games on Cowboys' giant stadium screen

Shawn Knight

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There's gaming on the big screen... then there's gaming on one of the biggest screens of them all. That's exactly what Conan O'Brien did during a recent visit to AT&T Stadium, aka Jerry's World, in Arlington, Texas.

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You need to be a real gamer to catch the humor in this. I for one wish he had more time to do more, more, more!!!!!! This should be down in the guineas book of world records for largest screen ever used to play video games! Then watch China follow suit and play it on one of their skyscrapers. Then US trumps with full sized Sky Display screen and then poeple in the space station create a Space Screen. Even the ET can check out NFS Rivals in awe! lol :p Still, should be a world record with Conan's name all over it. ;)


Did you really just flat out say that watching people be bad at something on purpose requires the elitist humor of the "real gamer"?

No offense, it should have read "You MUST have to be a real gamer to catch the humor in this".. I'm not a real gamer either and didn't find it funny just stupid funny as you said. I would still like to see more as I'm slowly starting to get into gaming more often than not these days. ;)