Conexant Falcon Driver required

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May 22, 2006
  1. Conexant Falcon II TV Tuner Driver required. ive tried the website and downloaded an update for this device but still not operating.

    error message -

    The TV signal cannot be configured because no tuner hardware was detected, please ensure your hardware is correctly installed, restart the computer, and try again.

    pc into

    HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7360y Desktop PC
    windows xp media centre edition
  2. drdee

    drdee TS Rookie

    This error is caused by the optional windows media center update that was released in June? 2006.
  3. korrupt

    korrupt TS Rookie Posts: 716

    You try


  4. xxdanielxx

    xxdanielxx TS Booster Posts: 1,069

  5. sparton534

    sparton534 TS Rookie


    yah i still cant figure this out that last link diddnt help me it said now hardware was found to update and wahta am i spose to look for at
  6. fordem

    fordem TS Rookie

    Did you really think that you could get drivers for a Conexant Falcon II TV tuner from the Hauppage web site?
  7. sparton534

    sparton534 TS Rookie

    yah i guess
  8. fordem

    fordem TS Rookie

    Go to the HP website and look at the options available - for example - for the Pavilion m7590n, you'll find that HP offers two drivers for TV tuners - the Conexant Falcon II and a Hauppauge.

    What that says to me is that the Conexant Facon II and the Hauppauge are different cards - from different manufacturers
  9. sparton534

    sparton534 TS Rookie

    ok well i reinstalled my comp and everything works now
  10. fordem

    fordem TS Rookie

    Reinstalled - as in using the original CDs?

    I've reinstalled a fresh copy of Windows XP Media Center Edition SP2 - plus all hot fixes and drivers - the system sees the Conexant Falcon II card - but I cannot get the tuners to work.

    I tried Chris TV and with an automatic scan it detects the local TV and radio channels, so I know the tuners are working, but still no video or audio :(
  11. newuser

    newuser TS Rookie

    This is the latest one I know of on HP site anyway

    Conexant Falcon II TV Tuner Driver Update
    Release Date: 2006-03-03 Version: B
    sp26703.exe 1/1 (1.79M)

    welcome.hp com/country/us/en/support html
    /enter product= HP Pavilion Media Center TV ****** Desktop PC
    /Question or keywords= Tuner update
  12. newuser

    newuser TS Rookie

    OH and read this while your at it

    Frequently Asked Questions About Windows XP Media Center Edition
    you will find it on the same Search results page as the other one
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