Connecting motherboard headers: HDLED, Speaker Out, etc.

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Sep 23, 2009
  1. I am connecting HDLED and such... my case has SPKR OUT L,R,and RETURN L,R but the mobo has SPKR, GND,GND and +5v. Also have MIC IN and MIC BIAS. Does anyone know about this? Sadly, the manual wasn't shipped.
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    The motherboard manual has this information. It tells you which motherboard header pins are which. If you don't have a motherboard manual, have you gone to the manufacturer's website to download it?
  3. stallionofny

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    the case

    I did dl the manual. The problem is that the case has connectors which don't match the mobo. I believe these connectors are for the audio out jacks in the front of the case. I really don't need them since my sound system has a remote control which has the same jacks. This was my first thread on this site and I really appreciate your response.
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    Try to follow the motherboard manual, then the case manual... until you get everthing working right by their definition, then make your modifications to suit you.
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    I think these headers are for the case speaker, that is, the small one that gives beeps and beep codes. For front panel sound connectors you have to have onboard sound and those headers are located elsewhere. Sometimes they are near the I/O panel but the motherboard manual will say exactly where. Some separate sound cards support front panel connectors too.
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